I get invited to do panels with other Brooklyn writers to discuss what it's like to be a writer in Brooklyn. I expect it's like writing in Manhattan, but there aren't as many tourists walking very slowly in front of you when you step out for coffee. It's like writing in Paris, but there are fewer people French.

Colson Whitehead

I was born in on West 12th. My parents were kind of hippies and they did a home birth.

Ethan Suplee

As fiction writers, we are entertainers.

Bob Mayer

I don't like to run, train, in groups. But racing, it's the that are most inspiring to me. I love racing with 52,000 people. I don't like training with any more than one person. Ever.

The anarchist painter is not the one who will create anarchist pictures, but the one who will fight with all his individuality against official conventions.

Paul Signac

There's something very satisfying about old cameras because they're ingenious. I mean when you take them apart and actually see, 'Oh, this is how we make photographs,' it's an ingenious thing, but it feels like it's in a way a layman can appreciate, whereas a digital camera, I don't even begin to know what goes into a digital camera.

Greta Gerwig