I don't want the 35-year-olds in my audience to think of me as as 'pops' giving the kind of advice that only 65-year-olds can understand.

Tom Peters

One needs to constantly read up, practice and work, irrespective of your profession. If I feel as an actor that I know everything, then how will I to grow? How will I improve? I'll be stuck in a rut, and eventually I'll grow complacent.

Sonam Kapoor

I work in the commercial real estate sector.

Marc Veasey

I do come from fairly humble beginnings.

Tony Bates

People don't teach you how to handle the workload that comes from a little bit of success, and it's something I'd never had to handle, because I'd been rejected for so long.

Felicia Day

I don't close the door to anything.

Dimitri Payet