I don't understand people who want to leave a good job. To me, without being terribly judgmental, those are people who haven't gone through their stint of being out of work for long periods of time.

Dinah Manoff

If you hunger for certain types of clothes, for which you have little use, put yourself on a diet. Just as you resist too much whipped cream and French pastry to keep your figure in shape, you can say no to those yearned-for but unneeded purchases that lead to a wardrobe that is shapeless and without form.

Edith Head

You just want to get it right so badly, so it's stressful when it comes to those vulnerable, dramatic scenes.

Rick Hoffman

Being able to do research in a real-time way is the way research needs to be done in the future.

Anne Wojcicki

I try to research or make up for myself what happened in any character's life. From when he was born until the first page of the script. I fill in the blanks.

Viggo Mortensen

I cry in movies a lot, and over books.

Hayley Mills