I don't look like most women in the industry.

Mayim Bialik

There is no way I'd have wanted to live in the Twenties. It was really crap for women.

Laura Carmichael

I can tell you where I was when Kennedy was shot – which was in the common room at school. I heard about it on the old valve radio. At the time of Armstrong's landing, I was at university rehearsing a play.

Sam Neill

There are loads of women that don't want children. What does it matter? I'm still a woman.

Marie Helvin

Particularly at around the age of 70 you reach a stage where you have to be very careful. If, at that point, you abandon the work you have been doing, there is a good chance that you will just collapse and drift.

Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

We all desire things that we believe we cannot have, and so my films reflect that again and again. The mystery must be solved, the goal attained.

Kim Jee-woon