I don't like to get comfortable. I don't like to be like, 'Oh, my song is all over the place. I'm lit.' Nah, it makes me wanna keep working.

Young M.A

Fame is a curse… it was the worst phase of my life, which I thank God I'll never have to go through again.

Sinead O'Connor

Recent from astronomers who study the occasional gravitational lensing of unknown worlds by intervening stars suggest that orphan planets could be at least as numerous as the stars. In other words, there could be of billions of orphan worlds shuffling through our galaxy.

Seth Shostak

I have seen 'The Sixth Sense.'

Emily Osment

There are some moments in life, some feelings; one can only point to them and pass by.

Ivan Turgenev

People in independent film have a passion; they're not in it for the money.

Gena Rowlands