I don't care how long you've been around, you'll never see it all.

Bob Lemon

The thing I know about Diana Trout is that she's the hardest- person. She even says it in one – that nobody works harder than she does. I believe that's always been true about her. That is why she has high of everyone around her.

Miriam Shor

I'm so lucky because I get to have all of these memories. I can have all of those pictures and different sorts of films and stuff. Some people have only one photo, and I'm really glad that I have all of that.

Bindi Irwin

If I was hard, she bled into my personality. I became more cynical.

Marg Helgenberger

I've never once my mum shout and she's 83 now. She's incredible. She's very, very happy, slightly eccentric but loves laughing, which I do too.

Carol Vorderman

I find it really difficult when you make a movie where it is set in Russia and everyone in English. It drives me crazy.

Kevin Macdonald