I do text a lot. Sometimes, at night, my thumbs hurt because I've texted so much, so I definitely text too much.

Miranda Cosgrove

My favorite hobby is writing and recording songs at my studio. I like to surf, but I don't get a chance to do that as much as I'd like. I don't to the beach. I also like to ski, but I don't get to do that much, either.

Scott Weiland

The people who built the space program – both Soviet and U.S. – were readers of science fiction.

Gregory Benford

We have to lie to ourselves as decathletes and say that we like all ten events.

Bryan Clay

The dream of doing what I do started with watching movies by Mr. Spielberg, like ' Encounters,' 'Poltergeist,' and 'E.T.' That was the of my obsession.

Marti Noxon

There is no longer a single common impediment to blacks emerging in this society.

Constance Motley