I can't speak for boys because I'm not one! But I just imagine they think differently.

Sabrina Carpenter

Artificial light is used because you can control it better. Technically, it is more homogeneous, more delicate, and less damaging to artwork. But I think it's interesting when the visitor can see variations in the light, when it is not only technical or suitable.

Mario Botta

Countries that need monies so that they can provide health care and education and shelter to their people shouldn't have to repay debts that we knowingly lent to bad regimes long since gone; and all illegitimate debts – debts lent to these terrible dictators like Saddam Hussein, like Suharto, like Marcos – must also be canceled.

Noreena Hertz

My mother is a beautiful writer. Writing letters back and forth with her was an athletic endeavor, and it became something I really looked forward to.

Lake Bell

The thing that makes reading and writing suspect in the eyes of the market economy is that it's not corrupted.

Richard Powers