I can be me, and people seem quite happy with that.

Michael Palin

I really love 'Soapdish.' I wish 'Soapdish' had more of a moment because I that that is a really strong, funny movie. Kevin Kline is hilarious in that movie.

Elisabeth Shue

I am not prejudiced against the Negro. When I was governor, I did more to help the Negroes in our than any previous Governor, and I think you can find Negro leaders in the State who will attest to this fact.

Strom Thurmond

I love my job and my relationship with the viewers who my shows.

Tamron Hall

Music is so much a part of me: my parents told me that when I was an infant, I wouldn't eat unless the radio was playing music.

Neil Sedaka

There are days when I literally have to eat 17 plates of food – it's intense. It's about moderation. You just need a few bites to get the gist of a dish.

Gail Simmons