I believe that are what happened to their grandparents.

Deborah Eisenberg

I'm a when it comes to my voice. I know if it hurts, something's wrong. You shouldn't feel it! It's very important to look after your voice.

Cynthia Erivo

Science fiction, in its purest form, for me, it works the best when it's being used as metaphor to look at something from a one-step-removed process, to give a little objectivity and insight into something that, if you were applying it on the of it, we'd all be too close to.

Noah Wyle

If feel 4-4-2 is the way forward in international football, they'll have to wait until I'm out of a job.

Glenn Hoddle

One day, I'm gonna make a song with John Mayer.

Ty Dolla

Key to longevity… drinking embalming fluid every year.

Angus Young