I am a writer. I suppose I think that the highest gift that man has is art, and I am audacious enough to think of myself as an artist – that there is both joy and beauty and illumination and communion between people to be achieved through the dissection of personality.

Lorraine Hansberry

My first husband met me as a woman, and the second did, too. I was lucky.

Yoko Ono

At 15 we were going back and forth to every while we were still going to school.

Maddie Marlow

My view is that you show Messi one side or the other, and if he goes past you, he goes past you. But if he slips it through your legs, then you have to obstruct him and take the foul. Just don't ever let yourself be nutmegged.

Paul Scholes

For me, to turn people on to new music, on to things that are going on in the world, is important.

Nikki Sixx

Because I saw my parents relaxing in armchairs and reading and liking it, I thought it was a peaceful grown-up thing to do, and I still think that.

Maeve Binchy