I abhor grades – if a child does his best, that's all that should be asked.

An angel has no memory.

Terry Southern

I love vintage clothes. But they don't love me very much. It is difficult to anything that fits me because of my height, but if I do fall in love with something, I'll buy it and display it like a work of art at home.

Erin O'Connor

It was, 'If you don't do 'The Show Goes On,' your album's not coming out.' I had nothing to do with that record – nothing. I was literally told how I should rap on it. But I'm a bastard, 'cos I'll turn around and put it back in your face.

Lupe Fiasco

So I think all comedians are earning their wings into heaven. We're all going to heaven, but everybody's not going to get their wings. Some people are just going to be angels. Doing cleanup, janitor work. In heaven, I'm going to sit on the couch with Oprah.

Tracy Morgan

People are always asking me if the industry is changing, and my answer is always that it is changing only as much as we are. Many South Asian actors complain about being pigeonholed into playing terrorists and cab drivers, but it's time that we stop talking about it. The industry will always say 'No' till we have enough to convince them.

Sarita Choudhury