Fellini and Bunuel changed my for me, they are my favourites. If it is true that movies are dreams, both of Fellini and Bunuel were shooting in a dream way.

Roberto Benigni

I'm always careful to even guess, at any juncture, about things before we do them.

Mike D

I was always the guy who made jokes and ribbed people at parties. After I went to the Academy of Dramatic Arts I got sidetracked into clubs and doing comedy.

Decades of research have shown that most happy families communicate effectively. But talking doesn't mean simply 'talking through problems,' as important as that is. Talking also means telling a positive about yourselves.

Bruce Feiler

I know who I am, and I know what my future holds.

Luke Rockhold

I love my horror films and they will always be very close to me.

Amber Heard