Falling in love is a chemical reaction. But it wears off in a year. That's why you need a strong line of communication… which includes laughter.

Yakov Smirnoff

I always consider myself as good as my last film. I tend to analyse my work very critically.

Fawad Khan

If you're understood in maybe, I don't know, 60% of your soul by your partner, that's fantastic. Don't expect that it's going to be 100%. Of course you will be lonely.

Alain de Botton

Because people are very interested in my poetry, in what I say.

Compay Segundo

The waves of religion based on terrorism in the 1990s are based on the tormented response of a mutilated Muslim society whose progressive forces have been savagely emasculated. Why on earth is the Arab world so hostile to women? Why can it not see women as a force for development?

Fatema Mernissi

A lot of newspapers say, Terence Stamp is playing himself and we're as bored as he is.

Terence Stamp