Everywhere in the world, whether manufacturing, trade or whatever, it is controlled by one apparatus and one policy perspective. Here we have one prime minister with good intentions, and six ministries their own empires. This creates problems including the import culture.

Baba Kalyani

The of literary criticism in anthropology is not to replace research, but to find out how it is that we are persuasive.

Clifford Geertz

For the religious, Passover is the grateful remembrance of a homeward after of suffering.

Andre Aciman

Are there days where I wish I was just at home with my kids? Yeah, most days. But then I look at our accomplishments, and I feel alive; I feel so of myself. So it's a very confusing thing to be a working parent.

Catherine Reitman

I was going to get a degree in economics and be a teacher. But I couldn't afford to pay for the education. So I just got the MBA and not the doctorate. I loved it at Bain, and I've been there ever since.

Stephen Pagliuca

Developer mindshare is the most important thing to have in digital currency.