Every morning, I wake up and think about 10 different things I'm thankful for, and I continue to spread that love throughout the always visualizing, meditating, and growing.

Shameik Moore

The musical differences are obvious: the Go-Go's are more punk, while my solo work is more soft pop. But they're equally as fun and enjoyable for me. I couldn't possibly put one over the other.

Belinda Carlisle

From 1918 on, trade unionists were to express from the platforms of their congresses the workers' for peace through a organization of the world.

Leon Jouhaux

I think the great thing about grandparents is seeing another home, realising that people you love can have different priorities, different diversions, different opinions and quite different lives from the ones you see every and that is immensely valuable.

Simon Hoggart

Truths and roses have thorns about them.

Henry David Thoreau

Koch Industries is a multibillion-dollar business.

Austan Goolsbee