Do you see how the god always hurls his bolts at the greatest houses and the tallest trees. For he is wont to thwart whatever is greater than the rest.


I was always a laid-back, subdued person, and I just try to let that speak through my music.


Just as you're allowed to be angry about injustice, it's natural to express feelings of sadness or fear, especially if you're exhausted by the prospect of trying to keep a brave face.

Franchesca Ramsey

The thing that I champion is sustainability. My terror is that suddenly we see it as a luxury, not an essential. That's a danger.

Kevin McCloud

To live happily with other people, ask of them only what they can give.

Tristan Bernard

Back in 2014, I felt like I was ready to win a world title. I felt like I was prepared and I was as good as anyone else, but I knew I didn't have the equipment.

Daniel Ricciardo