By putting people around me who will calm me down and slow me down and make sure I work through an issue.

Donna Shalala

The Hoff has become larger than life, so I can't do anything small any more. If I mess up, it becomes big no matter what it is, so if I do something positive, it has to be equally big.

David Hasselhoff

When you lose everything, and I mean everything, you sit there in this empty room in the dark, and the only person who can get you out is you.

Mickey Rourke

When I was a kid, a policeman was someone you looked up to and respected.

Alan Sugar

I really try every day. I really try to come into work thinking about what rhetoric I'm going to put out in the world and what my father would've done if he was still here.

Meghan McCain

I think players changing coaches is normal.

Li Na