But most of what I've learned about acting – and a lot of what I've learned about in the past seven years – was taught to me by Robert Altman.

Shelley Duvall

With all the problems we are having, I won't be afraid to tell leadership, 'You need to explain to me why I should follow you anywhere.'

If my work was good enough, I would never have to do publicity.

David Duchovny

I had a horrible heart attack and still have symptoms of that sometimes. Then cancer, which is in remission. But the stroke is the thing because I just my ability to speak and to write.

Clayton M. Christensen

Would I get into politics? I'll just say what I tell people when they ask me this: Pray that everyday citizens like me aren't pushed to that corner.

Kamal Haasan

Before having children, I think I probably approached work very differently, and you become much more economical and pragmatic about your relationship to it.

Cate Blanchett