Boys are like puppies, but the thing I find terrifying is how do you steer them?

Talulah Riley

My ego thinks I would like to be considered for more heavyweight roles, but the price you pay for that is they are always the same kind of roles.

Steffan Rhodri

High- alternative educational settings should be available when students violate codes of conduct and need to be from the classroom while still maintaining access to instruction. And there must be social, health and services to address students' needs.

Randi Weingarten

It was definitely a of our life. I mean, my mom had both her brothers and her fiancee in at the same time, so it wasn't just my dad's story, it was my mom's story too. And we definitely grew up listening to the stories.

Vanessa Kerry

I do a film only when I feel I will be comfortable with the set-up and other members of the team.


'Immortals' is all action. I love action movies. That's really where I want to spearhead my career.

Kellan Lutz