Being a talented artist is good, it's nice, but it's not the most important thing. I think being a storyteller, having a good idea, a good gag, is probably more important than being a great artist.

Bill Plympton

Apparently, the image of our president is as offensive to MTV as it is to me.

Trent Reznor

I years commuting into when I was working as a temp, and I hated the monotony of it.

Olivia Colman

I seeing 'A Moon for the Misbegotten' with Colleen Dewhurst, and that made a really big impression on me, and I remember to be like her and I still want to be like Colleen Dewhurst! My mom took me to a lot of theatre growing up, and I also seeing Pippin and being like, 'Wow!

Brooke Smith

I am a very positive and person.

Rita Moreno

I do not like to be unkind.

David Rockefeller