Before Hollywood happened to me, I just took a break to think about whether I belong in the industry or whether I should be to whatever people were telling me.

Claudia Kim

Nothing is more important than when you see someone for the first time, and you get that feeling where you can't move or speak or do anything until you know that person and take a sense of who they are with you.

Natalia Kills

Above all, TRIBES is fun, and even kind of sexy… in that every round features an Opportunity for Reproduction, which is the main aim of the game, as it is in most of Nature.

David Brin

It's funny how you never know who you're going to share your with.

Zal Batmanglij

I grew up in this world where everything seemed possible.

Fareed Zakaria

With a rescue dog, you take what's at the centre as as it roughly fits the bill. When you buy a dog from a breeder, you can choose everything from its personality to how shiny its coat is.

Mark Barrowcliffe