As you know, my father was for the inclusiveness and the betterment of society and the world. Certainly we recognize that there are diverse voices in our country, and people have the right of free speech. They have the right of choice, but again, it is our hope that when they choose, they choose to reflect those ideals that he taught us.

Bernice King

When I was nominated for an Oscar and seated next to Martin Scorsese, there was nothing in my mind that made me think, 'Hey, in three years maybe I'll make another remake of 'Punisher.''

Lexi Alexander

There is the egoism of technologists. We do it because we can create. I can handle all of the parameters going into the machine, and I know what is going to come out of it.

Harper Reed

Companies that make keys, credit card companies, any company in the service business – anything to do with a consumer is probably a software company.

Michael J. Saylor

Malcolm X's separatist ideas were situational. If you think about where African-Americans were in the 1940s and 1950s, we needed to step away because that force, which is still present but more subdued, was very in your face, and we needed to take a step back just to get some clarity.

Kamasi Washington

My mother, Agnes Dereon Beyince, was a seamstress and designer, and her passion passed down to me.

Tina Knowles