Apparently, I used to bite, scratch and growl at people when I was young, so my parents named me 'Tiger.'

Tiger Shroff

Failure. It doesn't exist. 'Failure' is just what happens when we lose perspective.

Donna Brazile

In 1980, Atari was bringing in around two billion dollars in revenue and Chuck E. Cheese's some five hundred million. I still didn't feel too bad that I had turned down a one-third ownership of Apple – although I was beginning to think it might turn out to be a mistake.

Nolan Bushnell

IE6 was a bad experience for consumers, but it was a terrible for developers. Not only it was technically bad, but it was closed, and you couldn't do much with it.

Mitchell Baker

I have a dialogue coach who helps me out with some of the more tricky Chicago vowel sounds.

Sonya Walger

I played ball in college and semi-professional, and aside from the game and all that, the most valuable thing is the relationships. Who can care how many rings you have or how many championships you've won or how many records you broke. The most valuable stuff is the intangible stuff.

Lamman Rucker