An album represents an artist or a band or a group of at any given moment in time. You just produce the music that you feel good about and hope that the audience shows some interest in it.

Ian Gillan

Jealousy is unavoidable – it's part of the price we pay for intimacy.

Rachel Simmons

One of my big pet peeves is single-use plastic bags. I think it's one of the stupidest ideas in the world.

Philippe Cousteau, Jr.

You always want your films to go as far as they can.

Sally Hawkins

People always ask me how I can hit the ball so far, and I say, 'I just swing.' It's the coaches who first told me I had good bat speed. I was just swinging, and I it was fast. I'm pretty at everything.

Eric Davis

Don't confine truth to fact. Imaginative truth is as powerful, and often enough, more so than fact.

Paul Harding