Although I dig my guitar playing, I think it's kind of an obvious situation; I play what I want to play within my own restrictions.

Pete Townshend

I never met Johnny Rotten, and I didn't want to meet Johnny Rotten.

Eric Clapton

To me, families are fascinating. I choose to explore it through comedy and through comic situations.

Kevin Kwan

Working on Ethereum could be similar to working at a Google: lower risk with broad impact right away. Working on a token is similar to working on a startup: higher risk and lower initial impact but higher upside potential.

Fred Ehrsam

Australians aren't really that crazy; in L.A. you get a little crazier. From my experience at least, Aussies don't really care that much about celebrities or things like that.

Brody Jenner

I measure myself against everybody, not just the shooting guards.

Khris Middleton