A well-managed business will have a return on invested capital. But that's a consequence. It's not a way to manage a business.

Peter Senge

Influence is a very unpleasant subject and I deal with it in a maybe irresponsible way, which is to really ignore it. It would be a nightmare if we started to really think about it; it would tie our hands, it would tie everyone else's hands.

Rem Koolhaas

Our insignificance is often the cause of our safety.


At nine, my mom used to tell me she saw an Olympic medalist in me. I used to take it as a joke, but she was very serious.

Saina Nehwal

For many years, the government of Canada has massively supported orchestras and the arts in general.

Lara St.

It always cracks me up when program directors or music directors or companies will say, 'Well, we did research, and we interviewed 25 people in our focus group, and this is what they said.' And I'm like, 'I've talked to 25 people in two hours! I talk to 50, 60, 70 people a night! Five or six a week!'