A traitor is everyone who does not agree with me.

George III of the United Kingdom

Working for CNN, you help set the agenda for decision makers and leaders simply by doing your job. What the network covers and how we cover it affects people. I am not naive enough to believe I work in some 'pure' vacuum.

Richard Quest

Sen. Udall can only talk about one thing: He's a social issues warrior.

Cory Gardner

Republicans would have preferred the court overturn the health care bill, an act that would have underscored Obama's biggest liability – the perception among voters, including those who like and trust him, that he has been ineffective.

Ron Fournier

I am for gay marriage. Or same-sex marriage. I don't want to say it the wrong way. I think people are sensitive to it. I have been painted as being this zealot on choice. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Harold Ford, Jr.

The Four Aces asked me if I'd like to sing with them as they didn't really have a singer.

Desmond Dekker