A tragic irony of is that we so often achieve success or financial independence after the chief reason for which we it has passed away.

Ellen Glasgow

Every era has its own list of ingredients that are considered exotic and then, 15 years later, they're not.

Yotam Ottolenghi

If you take minutes a day to take care of your mouth, the odds are you'll take the next steps to take care of your whole body, like exercising and eating healthy. It's a building block for other healthy habits.

Gretchen Bleiler

Prosperity makes friends, adversity tries them.

Publilius Syrus

Good comedy films, if you listen to the score, the is not trying to be funny. It's always, in a way, underscoring the tragedy and struggle of the main character.

Rich Moore

Time will tell how you rate against the rest of the competition. I'll let everyone else worry about championships. I'm going to worry about qualifying at Pomona.

Larry Dixon