A ten-times increase in the weight-oriented density of batteries would enable so many other moonshots, if we can find a great idea. We just haven't found one yet.

Astro Teller

I think we're much harder on ourselves than other people are. This is not a unique situation here… But I never liked the 'Celtic Tiger' as a phrase.

Martin Naughton

I love story songs because I've always loved books.

Dolly Parton

I love to go to Acapulco with my family.

Enrique Pena Nieto

I usually look at things like that from an audience perspective first, then have a closer look at the specific character they're talking about me for.

Colm Meaney

Never let the horns and woodwinds out of your sight; if you can hear them at all, they are too loud.

Richard Strauss