A good transports you to another place.

Ty Segall

I'm a big champion of people doing things outside the system.

Felicia Day

What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the of your advertising, not its form.

In the utopian aim of removing all power and aggression from human behavior, we run the risk of removing self-assertion, self-affirmation, and even the power to be.

Rollo May

When I was young, and I would see bands playing, I would dig the rock & roll and get excited, but when they would start to take the pace down, my attention span would start going.

Angus Young

When Facebook acquired Oculus, the game changed immediately. You saw big companies jumping in. You saw people like Google getting fully committed, and then Microsoft came along with HoloLens – there was a lot of stuff that people were doing before, but now the space really ignited.

Brendan Iribe