A first kiss is hard to fake on screen. It's tempting to practice before you shoot, but why blow that natural awkwardness on a rehearsal? There's something so beautiful about it that can't be faked.

Maggie Grace

There's something I want to say, and I haven't been able to articulate it yet, about how it's so rude when don't admit that they have a nanny.

Ali Wong

Always do whatever's next.

George Carlin

I've main-evented WrestleMania a handful of times, but it never gets old. It's the same with nerves.

Randy Orton

The only thing I wanted to do when I was a young kid was to become a New York stage actor.

Oliver Platt

Seeing the space future through science fiction can be difficult. Much science fiction of the early era, the 1950s through the '70s, took an expansionist view.

Gregory Benford