Escape Hour escape rooms suitable for children as well as adults

With a majority of entertainment options closed for nearly one year due to the covid-19 pandemic, many families with children are considering taking them to escape rooms for entertainment to relieve their boredom. Though there are a large number of escape rooms in Edmonton, parents should be aware that all these escape rooms may not be suitable for families with children for multiple reasons. However, families can safely book an escape game at Escape Hour since they are suitable for children above the age of nine, who can play the games with their parents, or friends.

In many of the escape rooms in addition to making it challenging to solve riddles, puzzles, the escape room owners are also designing the room to make it a scary experience. So in addition to the decor, props, the room will also have special effects, including sound effects to create a unique experience. While this may enhance the locker room experience for adults playing the escape game, young children may get scared and start crying. Additionally some of the games have adult themes, which will confuse the children. So these escape games are not recommended for families with children.

So when a family is planning to book a quest room, instead of just checking the review websites, it is advisable to check the escape room website for the theme of each escape room. For example one of the more popular escape rooms in Edmonton is ranking each escape room on the basis of difficulty as well as how scary it is. Another escape room has some adult themes, puzzles and clues, according to the reviews posted online. While these may be suitable for the target audience for the escape room , conservative people and families with younger children may not enjoy the experience.

In both Calgary as well as Edmonton, Escape Hour has designed their escape rooms with themes which are suitable for children as well adults of all ages. The main aim while designing the escape games like Bank heist, Five Lives, Matrix themed game, Five elements and Senators battle to keep the group entertained and provide mentally stimulation solving puzzles and riddles, the aim is not to frighten or scare the group. The game masters at Escape Hour will make an additional effort to ensure that the children enjoy the escape game. So this makes Escape Hour the right option for families looking for enjoyable and safe entertainment options for their children in Edmonton.